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The Company of "NAOGAZDOBYCHA. JSC «Formed and registered 2003-04-25.The registrar IMNS” Russian Federation, State registration effected: Inspectorate of the Ministry of Taxes and Levies of the Nenets Autonomous District. The authorized capital: 100,000 rubles. The Main and Primary state registration number assigned during registration: 1038302273976.


Storage and warehousing of oil and its products

Our Logistics Service Company provides Tank Storage Services under Sub-Leased for reception, Storage and Distribution of Dark Oil and light oil petroleum products of all grades, such as; (Crude oil petroleum, jet Fuel, Gasoline, VGO, Virgin oil "LPFO", Fuel Oil, Nafta, Gas oil.) We provide services in renting of Trucks with Drivers, Our Additional Services are; Organization of transportation of cargoes, wholesale trade, Activities of other land transport, Other activities auxiliary to road transport.


Wholesale of motor fuel, including aviation fuel

Our Downstream business manufacture and market a wide range of distinctive and high-quality refined petroleum products. Our fuels and lubricants keep cars, trucks, ships, aeroplanes, and industrial equipment on the move, and include famous brands like BP Ultimate, Invigorate, Aral and Castrol. Our petrochemicals provide the base ingredients for thousands of everyday items, from mobiel phones to the packaging that protects food and medicines.


Transportation by pipeline gas and its products

NAOGAZDOBYCHA. JSC provides transportation, gathering, terminal and storage services to the petroleum and petrochemical industry throughout North America. We operate crude oil and refined product terminals and pipelines in the U.S. Gulf of Mexico and in California, Colorado, Louisiana, Texas and Utah.


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We deliver heat, light and mobility products and services to people all around the world in ways that will help to drive the transition to a lower carbon future


Sustainability means building a resilient BP: a business that is competitive in all conditions, that recognises the urgency of the climate challenge and plays its part in driving the transition to a lower carbon world.

Professional Approch

Check the market on pricing and availability to optimize your storage requirements. Act as business intermediator by bringing parties together. Review of bulk storage strategies for companies with existing storage contracts.


Technology is changing our world. We are using and developing technology to deliver energy in amazing new ways. It means we can play our part in steering the world towards a lower carbon future.

The energy transition

The transition to a lower carbon future has begun, but it is clear there is not going to be just one low carbon energy answer. We are thinking hard about what the future might look. Think ahead with us using our Statistical Review.

Our Service

The company of "NAOGAZDOBYCHA" performs the following activities (in accordance with the NACE codes specified at registration). OTHER SERVICE ACTIVITIES: Activity in architecture; design and engineering; Exploration and Geophysical work; Geodetic and cartographic activities; Activities in the field of standardization and metrology; Activities in the field of hydrometeorology and related areas, Environmental Pollution monitoring; Activities associated with the solution of technical problems not included, Geological survey, geophysical and geochemical study of the subsoil in the area